Co-Curricular Activities

At Southern Cross Grammar students are encouraged to try, explore and experience a wide variety of endeavours and pursuits. It is our firm belief that real learning goes beyond what happens in the classroom! 

We also believe that it is our responsibility to support our students in discovering, pursuing and celebrating their talents and skills.  

Our co-curricular program is diverse and inclusive, and encapsulates the ‘I can do that’ approach we encourage. It enables students to pursue areas of personal interest while making new friends, developing new talents and trying new experiences.

An  impressive array of co-curricular options includes activities from a wide range of fields, including writing, public speaking, sport, science, mathematics, fine arts, music, theatre, information and communications technology, problem-solving, leadership and more. 

No matter what their interest, students invariably participate in a range of co-curricular activities that inspire, engage and motivate them.

CHIP Program

Southern Cross Grammar is fortunate to be associated with this highly regarded organisation.

CHIP Programs runs out-of-school hours courses for Children of High Intellectual Potential in a very limited number of schools across Melbourne.

Venue Managers are assisted by Tutors who are interested in working with Gifted Children. A very low ratio of staff to students is maintained throughout classes. Generally, Tutors are either graduates of CHIP Programs or university students with an interest in education.

During classes, students are assisted with their work and encouraged to attain a skill level commensurate with their ability. Usually students are operating 1 to 4 years ahead of their chronological age. Work in both Maths and Language is offerred. The Maths work centres around skill bases and problem solving. The Language work mainly involves grammar and vocabulary extension.

To register your interest in the CHIP Program, please email Millicent Henry at