Tuition Fees 2017


per annum $
Composite Fee
per annum $
Total Fee
per annum $
Foundation - Year 2 $8,100 $380 $8,480
Year 3 and Year 4
$8,500 $430 $8,930
Year 5 and Year 6
$8,840 $430 $9,270
Year 7 - Year 9
$10,070 $620 $10,690
Year 10 and Year 11
$11,320 $720 $12,040
Please note: Tuition and Composite Fees will be charged at a pro-rate rate for students commencing during the year.
Methods of Payment
Please find below the payment methods available to Southern Cross Grammar families:
  • Direct Debit (fortnight or monthly basis) 
  • Direct Deposit 
  • Credit Card (Visa and Mastercard accepted, please note: 1% surcharge applies)
  • Cheque - made payable to: Southern Cross Grammar
  • Cash - at any ANZ Bank branch quoting your family account number as shown on your invoice 

Download the Direct Debit Request Form and Direct Debit Service Agreement here

Download the Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) Application Form here

For more information including eligibility and due dates, please click here.

Tuition Fee Accounts
Tuition Fee Accounts will be issued four (4) times each year. The account will be for fees one term in advance. The Tuition Fee Account will include fees for General Tuition, the Composite Charge, Instrumental Music, Camps and Voluntary Building Fund Contribution. 

Composite Charge
This will vary from $370 per annum at Foundation to $700 per annum for Year 10. This charge supports the provision of Information Technology facilities and specialised equipment and programs for students.

The outdoor education and camps program is considered an important part of the Southern Cross Grammar curriculum. Great care is taken to ensure that meaningful and reasonably priced experiences are offered. The program operates from Year 3 and each camp is carefully linked to the curriculum.  It is the School’s expectation that all students attend.  

Instrumental Music Lessons
In addition to the classroom music program, Southern Cross Grammar offers individual and group lessons for students in guitar (acoustic, bass, and electric), piano, voice, strings (cello, double bass, viola, and violin), woodwind (clarinet, and saxophone), brass (flute, trombone, and trumpet) and percussion.

All instrumental tuition lessons are conducted by qualified instructors who have been specifically engaged by the School to conduct these lessons.

Students will receive one 30 minute lesson per week. The lessons are charged to your term account at a cost of $36.00 per lesson for individual sessions.