Southern Cross Grammar Foundation

“Our task is to provide a success rich environment that allows our students the opportunity to discover, realise and celebrate their special abilities. I believe that this is what sets our school apart.” Andrew Ponsford – School Principal 

Producing outstanding students requires skilled, passionate and dedicated school educators. In turn our children will hopefully adopt these qualities when they enter into University and later into their chosen careers.

In this competitive world we need to give our children the edge they need to succeed. By supporting our teachers and staff with first rate resources and facilities our children will have that edge. The Southern Cross Grammar Building Fund was established to help finance the new buildings required for the continuing growth of the school providing schooling to students from Prep to Year 12. These structures do not build themselves. We rely on the caring and giving of parents and the community minded to generously donate funds in order for us to complete our required buildings.

Donations are tax deductible.

Payments can be made annually or monthly by direct debit or cheque. Wouldn’t it be a nice surprise to receive a refund at tax time and for you to know that you are helping develop a long term solution for the school building program, please check with your Accountant.

Alternatively donations can be bank transferred directly to the following account: 

Account Name: SCG School Building Fund
Bank Name: Macquarie
Acct BSB: 182 -512 
Acct No. 962831681
Reference: Your First Name and Surname

All bequests received by the School or by the Foundation are carefully invested. 

For further information on Southern Cross Grammar Foundation or on the possibility of making a bequest to the School, please contact the foundation at