Junior School (Foundation - Year 4)

The initial years of schooling are some of the most formative and important - students establish key foundation skills, together with lasting impressions of self and the learning experience.

In Junior School, a strong focus on establishing key literacy, numeracy, thinking and scientific skills is complemented by a varied specialist program that includes Art, Library (Resource Centre), LOTE (Chinese - Mandarin), Music, Information Technology and Physical Education.

Small class sizes in Junior School ensure students receive the care and attention they need to achieve their full potential. There is also an emphasis on emotional wellbeing and the development of valuable social skills.

Junior School years are exciting, rewarding, interesting and stimulating. Together with parents, we take pride in the learning and developmental successes our students experience during these years, as we help them to establish a life-long love of learning.

Class sizes

Foundation classes include a maximum of 23 students, with class sizes of 24 students (maximum) up to Year 3 and 26 students (maximum) for Year 4.

Daily Routine

The Junior School is open from 8.00am.  Parents are requested to inform the Junior School Office of any absence.

Bell Time Activity

Foundation to Year 4 Time
School Commences 8.30am
1A 8.30am - 9.10am
1B 9.10am - 9.50am
2A 9.50am - 10.30am
Recess 10.30am - 10.50am
2B 10.50am - 11.30am
3A 11.30am - 12.10pm
Lunch 12.10pm - 12.50pm
3B 12.50pm - 1.30pm
Positive education 1.30pm - 1.50pm
4A 1.50pm - 2.30pm
4B 2.30pm - 3.10pm
School Concludes 3.10pm

Homework is a very important part of each Junior School student’s daily life.  It provides an opportunity for students to deepen their understanding by reviewing the work introduced in class, for testing their comprehension, for extending their reading, for summarising their thoughts or applying the latest information to solve new problems, or preparing in advance for upcoming topics or themes.  Parents can provide valuable support to the development of good home study habits by establishing a suitable time and place for homework.

Staff ensure that the homework provided in individualised and reflects each student’s individual learning plan.

Please contact the class teacher if your child is struggling with his homework.

Recommended times for homework, Monday to Thursday are:
10 minutes each night (Home Reader)
Year 1
15 minutes each night 
Year 2
20 minutes each night
Year 3
20 minutes each night
Year 4
25 minutes each night