Middle School (Year 5 - Year 9)

Years 5 - 9 are an important period of transition for students, as they 'cross the bridge' between primary learning and their senior school years. It requires a dedicated program that meets the specific social, emotional and academic needs of the adolescent. This period of development represents one of the critical transitions in the life span and is characterized by a tremendous pace in growth and change that is second only to that of infancy

Our Middle School is a caring, secure and welcoming place where students develop the confidence they need to successfully learn and grow. Recognising that students in this age group are experiencing a period of self-discovery and self-awareness, our Middle School program is structured and supportive, while at the same time catering to students’ increasingly individual interests.

The learning program in Southern Cross Grammar is rigorous, engaging and inspiring. Our curriculum is designed specifically to capture the interest and imagination of students at this stage in their learning journey, and it’s taught by dedicated teachers with a passion for the middle years.

A comprehensive transition program and a dedicated Homeroom Teacher structure ensure that this time is a successful one. 

Features of the program include the subject choice that students experience during Years 8 and 9, together with the ‘New Generation Learning’ and the ‘See What’s Possible’ programs which are year level highlights. 

The broad nature of the curriculum from Years 5 through to 9 means students are exposed to the complete spectrum of learning areas. As they move through the School, students are then able to make informed subject choices as they pursue more defined areas of enquiry.


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