Parents and Friends' Association

Everyone is a member of the PFA.

Getting together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.

The Parents and Friends’ Association plays a key role in the life of the School seeking to encourage a strong school community and, as a consequence of its activities, a positive school experience for our students and their families.

Southern Cross Grammar does not require parents and carers to volunteer to assist in the upkeep and maintenance of the School. We do, however, encourage our families to participate in School activities and events wherever possible.

As the School continues to grow, the Association will become an increasingly important conduit for the communication of issues and ideas. While the Association’s key focus will be to support the emotional health of the School and the range of activities on offer, its fund raising efforts assist with the realisation of the School’s master plan. 

The Principal and Senior Staff are regular attendees at Association meetings providing the group with an update on School activities, strategic planning and objectives set by the School’s Board of Directors. 

The Association meets twice a term to plan their activities and set objectives. Meeting dates and times are published in advance in the School’s term calendar.


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