Pastoral Care and Student Well Being 

Southern Cross Grammar aims to instill a sense of confidence, independence and resilience in each student. 

Each student’s journey includes academic learning, as well as considerable personal and emotional growth. Caring, experienced teaching and support staff guide students on their individual journeys, encouraging them to achieve success and to bounce back from disappointment. 

A key pastoral goal is that our students feel safe, valued and listened to. 

At all levels, students develop relationships with specific teachers who can monitor their progress:

  • During the primary years in Junior School, the Classroom Teacher is largely responsible for the care and nurture of each student
  • Year 7 is a transitional year so students are located in a homeroom, with a Tutor, while having specialist teachers for some subjects 
  • In Years 8 - 12, each student meets daily with their Tutor, who is usually one of their subject teachers. Year Level Co-ordinators and Heads of School provide additional care and support for students as required.

Effective pastoral care is the result of an education partnership between home and School. Parents are encouraged to contact Class Teachers or Tutors when they believe it is necessary. Regular evenings are arranged, at which parents may meet staff members, discuss curriculum matters, and develop close relationships between the family and the School.

Our students are encouraged to develop increasing personal responsibility throughout their School lives, and leadership roles are offered to students at all levels to compliment this objective. 

Looking after each other is important, and the opportunity for this to develop is emphasised through the a comprehensive House activity program and specialised programs such as ‘supportive friends’ where senior students will be trained each year.