Teaching & Learning

Curriculum refers to the content which is taught at Southern Cross Grammar.  Although, much of this theory is based on the National Curriculum; staff, leadership and members of the Education Committee work actively to include international content which we believe contributes to a more global student.

Importantly, Southern Cross Grammar values the ‘hidden curriculum’.  That is, content not readily apparent in curriculum overview documents.  It also refers to material not explicitly taught but role modeled through action and behaviour.

Research reveals that effective teaching is one of the most important factors affecting student achievement.  As such we have a responsibility to create, refine, enhance and maximize the quality of teaching.  Similarly, students themselves account for the largest variance of student achievement and thus emphasis on their own learning is paramount.

As a result, Southern Cross Grammar has developed a Pedagogical Framework that is based on four principles, each with a student-centred focus: The Thinking Principle (purposeful exploration to build student understanding), The Clinical Principle (diagnosing, responding and reviewing issues critical to student achievement), The Passion Principle (engaged responsiveness to learning) and The Futures Principle (using technology and developing orientations towards learning).